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2009-08-15 at 13-13-23Me:

In short, this blog is about me – or rather, it is my thoughts, so it is a little hint of my inner self, which is, of course, who I am.

I’m newly married. I was engaged at 20 to a man I was with less than a year. We just knew, ya know? That old cliche. Four years later we married in a beautiful, extravagant, fun and memorable wedding.

But, (and oh, boy! Is it ever a big ‘But’! – worthy of exclamation points!) we live with my Husband’s parents. For now. We’ve lived together in the past, in Canada, while in school, but now we are in the Bahamas during an Economic crisis and housing costs are INSANE. He’s the eldest of 5, three teenagers who live at home, and the fourth who is home on school breaks. Life is certainly interesting.

I started to blog as an outlet, a place of freedom and solitude where I can reflect on everything from life with my in-laws to fruit in my salad (Isn’t it the best?).

Welcome, and happy reading

– Coco P.

The Blog:

The name, “One Cocoplum”, comes from the name of a tropical fruit that I discovered a few years ago while visiting my then fiancé’s home in the Bahamas. These little fruits are dark purple on the outside and have a shockingly white center.

I love the sweet delicious lil’ things, and I’m amazed by their strength – they can handle the strong Caribbean salt water and even help keep the shores from eroding. To me they are a little reminder of why I love the Bahamas, and of how I can get through whatever life throws at me. After all, I never even expected to move from the Great White North to this tropical island. What’s a little extra salt in a world of such sweet things?

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