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the art of unwords

September 23, 2009

Words_can_Hurt_or_HealAfter my previous post, I got to thinkin’. Well, actually, upon reading the comment my friend left I got to thinking. About made up words, that is.

I actually like the made up word. I think it comes in handy when nothing else seems sufficient. “Irregardless” bothers me on a different scale.

People use “irregardless” to mean the same thing as regardless. That’s just stupid. rational = logical, irrational = illogical.

Made up words that combine two similar or contrasting things in order to create one word with a complex, yet obviously contextual meaning, which can be used where another word either doesn’t exist or is insufficient are FABTASTIC. (See what I did there).

One I do like:

ideality – the belief that what is meant to be “reality” is an idilic fiction imposed by presumptions. And probably TV. It is therefore not reality, but not exactly fiction.

So, I’ve decided that as I hear, use or am told GOOD made up words (We’ll call them unwords) I’ll come back to this post and add them in. Just for fun. Yes, to me that’s fun. I don’t get out much.

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